Top 7 best cities in the world to be an escort (in no particular order)

The best cities around the world to be an escort

Escort. Companion. Hooker. Courtesan. No matter what you call it, you can find escorts in literally every country in the world.
But where is the best place to BE an escort?

Most people know that there are hot spots for sex tourism and making a living. However, not many people talk about the best place to become an escort. It’s not all red light districts and seedy clubs!

We are going through the best cities in the world to be an escort (in no particular order!).
Best city to be an escort #1 Atlanta,  USA
Atlanta, USA has one of the highest sex work incomes in the whole country.
Escorts and prosititution is still not legal in the US, but there is something about Atlanta that makes clients want to spend. The nightlife ain’t half bad either, so it definitely deserves a place on this list!
Best city to be an escort #2: Auckland New Zealand
New Zealand is often considered one of the best countries in the world to be a sex worker.
Although Wellington is the capital, Auckland is the biggest city in New Zealand. Escorts work throughout the country, but Auckland is a hub for potential clients (both domestic and international).

New Zealand is notorious for liberal laws that protect people in the industry. You can find just about anybody in Auckland, so you will never be bored!

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Best city to be an escort #3 Washington USA
Even if it feels like the Whitehouse lacks common sense right now, there are two things that Washington DC doesn’t lack: Money and Men.
This is pretty much the perfect combination for escorts. Washington DC is a goldmine for escorts who specialize in the girlfriend experience, and there is room for everyone! This VICE blog post explains that Washington is pretty much driving the GFE in America.
Washington’s industry favours private meetings over gaudy clubs, so it is also suited to escorts who want to advertise as high end workers.
Best city to be an escort #4 Toronto, Canada
Canada is now on the list of countries where escorts and massage parlours are completely legal.
Escorts here are classy, fun, and get to take advantage of progressive bylaws (did you know that clients are legally required to shower in massage parlours??).
Best city to be an escort #5 Sydney
Big cities almost always mean better opportunities, and Australia is no different. Sydney is exploding with people from every walk of life, and its many clubs cater to just about every fantasy.
Like New Zealand, Australia has some incredibly progressive laws that protect people in the industry. The state of New South Wales is leading the charge!

A great way to stand out as an escort is to find a particular audience. Sydney is a great place to find clients who are looking for something a little different. You can read more about Sydney on the Red Light Australia Blog here.
Best city to be an escort #6: Amsterdam
No list of best places to be an escort would be complete without Amsterdam! The red light district of De Wallen is well regulated for sex workers.
Although De Wallen is the most famous district in The Netherlands, it is probably not your best bet for escorts. This red light district is a little bit rose-tinted!

To make the most out of this vibrant city, you have to look slightly further afield. There are plenty of people looking for a good time, and not all of them want to walk up and window shop.
Best city to be an escort #7 Berlin, Germany
Although Amsterdam is known for its infamous Red Light district, Germany is a strong competitor. Berlin is the capital, and it is overflowing with escorts (and people who are keen to pay for them!)
Sex work and escorts are completely legal in Germany, and laws are well constructed to protect people working in the industry. It is definitely less of a “tourist attraction” and more of a legitimate profession in comparison to Amsterdam.

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