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December 2018

Top Escorts Australia and Top Escorts New Zealand has come together and is now known as Coco’s secrets 

The two sites have come together to make life better for all. By combining TEA and TENZ  you don’t have to worry about switching between the two sites when ever you change countries and there is more to come. Very soon we will be adding other escort friendly countries to the list and increasing all escorts adverting capabilities to worldwide. Coco’s Secrets will be stepping out in to the world early next year with there a whole new look and many new improvements.

Whats to come ?

Whats to come in the new year for Coco’s Secrets.

  • The new look
  • Worldwide adverting
  • login and self editing capability

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Blog it

Blogging is a fun and easy way to get information out into the world and if you are good at it, it can make you some money.

 One of the ways websites draw attention is with blogs. For example by clicking on this news blog Coco’s secrets website gets a new view and moves up the google chain. It can be quite effective in helping a company get more clients but it can take a lot of work and time sometimes companies haven’t got the time to do all of its own blogging. That’s where you come in.

Independent bloggers can make a career out of it, but you can’t just say HEY WORLD I’M A BLOGGER NOW! And expect everyone to pay top dollar for your work. It takes time to build your reputation and to make yourself well known.

What you need to do to be a independent blogger.

Time, Patience and hard work……….. I know it sucks but it’s true, to be a good independent blogger you need to work at it. Developing your portfolio is very important. Starting small and cheap will help you build your client base, now when I say cheap I don’t mean cheap and nasty remember every blog you right is a test to your blogging skills and a bad blog will work against you, and can do more damage then 20 good blogs so you need to always deliver the best no matter what your getting payed. If your looking for some were to post some of your blogs and build your portfolio Coco’s Secrets can help. just send us an email and will call you.

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