7 escorts reveal how much money they actually make

Have you ever wondered how much money you can make as an escort? These girls reveal all- and some of their answers might surprise you! How much money do escorts actually make? I suppose the answer isn’t that straightforward. It depends where you are in the world, how long you’ve been doing it, and how […]


Escort Marketing Tips

Recently I wrote and released my ‘Marketing your Escort Brand’ Manual, volume one. Part of a series of training manuals I’m releasing as part of my business. So far we have sent that manual to a multitude of escorts and other adult businesses on request with great feedback. One such feedback was quote “I hope […]


11 cringeworthy clients all escorts can relate to



Immigration New Zealand said WHAT about escorts??



Top 7 best cities in the world to be an escort (in no particular order)



Is this REALLY the best country in the world to be an escort?

It is absolutely legal to be an escort in New Zealand.

In fact, New Zealand has some of the most liberal laws in the world. The government decriminalized prostitution back in 2003 in order to protect workers’ rights.

The law primarily aimed to improve health and safety conditions for workers. With more liberal guidelines in place, people felt more empowered to come forward if anything went wrong with clients or agencies.


New News

New News
Top Escorts Australia and Top Escorts New Zealand has come together and is now known as Coco’s secrets


A few tips to help you become a better escort

Everyone has their own method on how they do things but sharing can help others, there is not a wrong way or a right way, but let me share a few methods I implement in my business as an escort.


Some of my favourite restaurants in Australia

I love touring around Australia and when I do I love to dine out and try new restaurants, everyone loves amazing food. Here are some suggestions for when you are touring around the country or just on holiday. The way I pick restaurants is by google and reviews and viewing the menu, this is a […]


6 Ways to manage your stress levels when you escort

6 Ways to manage your stress levels when you escort Many people who don’t work in the sex industry will think of being an escort as an easy job right? Think again, being an escort can be so stressful, you deal with many different types of people and personalities, constantly answering text messages and phone […]

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