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Social Media is so important and a great way to drive traffic back to your website so it’s crucial
for SEO and NOT drive traffic to your profiles on sexy directories where you are basically driving
traffic to all of your competition. Remember everything has its place but YOUR place is your
Sensis – Yellow pages:
Yes Sensis is still alive & well and quite frankly a great way to generate traffic. If you have a
website already and you want to promote it, then definitely add a free or paid ad on sensis
Yellow Pages. Why you ask? Simply because when it comes to advertising, people will click on
what they trust and everybody knows and trusts the yellow pages. They provide fantastic
statistics so you can see how your advertising is doing with paid ads and it isn’t that exe to pay
to be top of the list for your area. It’s just one platform but it’s a great one for SEO as it is
primarily location based. If you do a paid ad let me know I have a great account manager there
and I’ve trained him to work with the adult industry clients, it’s not what you know!
What the hell is SEO?
SEO or search engine optimisation is basically how you get found or how your website gets
found. It’s non paid advertising, paid advertising via google is called SEM or search engine
marketing. The better your SEO the better your rankings will be in google or your ‘serps’ search
engine return pages. So one of the ways we do this is by being on as many adult friendly
business directories as possible. I will be doing an up and coming list on my blog of all the adult
friendly directories we use and how best to utilise them. Of course this includes escort
directories BUT when it comes to paid advertising remember if you have your own site, get
google analytics it will keep your costs low and allow you to data mine what works and what
doesn’t. Social Media as we have already covered off is also crucial for SEO. The one thing we
haven’t covered but will next is a blog. It is the best for SEO as it is fresh original content added
to your site on a regular basis. Basically google rewards content, good engaging fresh content.
So a blog is a must for SEO. Also remember a good website is BUILT with SEO in mind. Good
content with keywords and good seo practises in the backend.
Next we are going to talk about your blog, how to get started, what to write, how to include
keywords and create engaging awesome content!
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available only to escorts on Cocos Secrets.
This blog post was written by Lillian Thoms
Founder of Adult Digital Publisher

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