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December 2018

Top Escorts Australia and Top Escorts New Zealand has come together and is now known as Coco’s secrets 

The two sites have come together to make life better for all. By combining TEA and TENZ  you don’t have to worry about switching between the two sites when ever you change countries and there is more to come. Very soon we will be adding other escort friendly countries to the list and increasing all escorts adverting capabilities to worldwide. Coco’s Secrets will be stepping out in to the world early next year with there a whole new look and many new improvements.

Whats to come ?

Whats to come in the new year for Coco’s Secrets.

  • The new look
  • Worldwide adverting
  • login and self editing capability

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Blog it

Blogging is a fun and easy way to get information out into the world and if you are good at it, it can make you some money.

 One of the ways websites draw attention is with blogs. For example by clicking on this news blog Coco’s secrets website gets a new view and moves up the google chain. It can be quite effective in helping a company get more clients but it can take a lot of work and time sometimes companies haven’t got the time to do all of its own blogging. That’s where you come in.

Independent bloggers can make a career out of it, but you can’t just say HEY WORLD I’M A BLOGGER NOW! And expect everyone to pay top dollar for your work. It takes time to build your reputation and to make yourself well known.

What you need to do to be a independent blogger.

Time, Patience and hard work……….. I know it sucks but it’s true, to be a good independent blogger you need to work at it. Developing your portfolio is very important. Starting small and cheap will help you build your client base, now when I say cheap I don’t mean cheap and nasty remember every blog you right is a test to your blogging skills and a bad blog will work against you, and can do more damage then 20 good blogs so you need to always deliver the best no matter what your getting payed. If your looking for some were to post some of your blogs and build your portfolio Coco’s Secrets can help. just send us an email and will call you.

How to look out for scams


The old adage “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is” is as relevant today as it was when it was first coined way back when. In 1601 a play was written with this title by Wentworth Smith, Henry Chettle and Richard Hathwaye. The title was taken from an expression used even earlier – many scholars have debated the exact year this expression first came to be used, but whenever that was we’ve had it for at least 400 years.

What does this mean for us in the 21st century? Hopefully it’ll make you aware that there are scammers, conmen, tricksters everywhere and have been for a long time. Not that they’re more prevalent today than they were way back when – it’s just that nowadays with the rise and rise of the internet and it’s wonders, making the world smaller, yet at the same time expanding our universe, these scourges of society are able to con more people a lot more easily than PI (Pre Internet).

With a few key-strokes, an unscrupulous individual could con an unsuspecting individual out of their hard earned money as easily as Donald Chump can lie about his ties with Russia.


Scams appear in many forms – from Nigerian Princes looking to bestow money upon a lucky individual, to your bank requiring you to “update your security details online” providing them with your most personal details, banking details etc. (If your bank does want you to update your details, more often than not they’ll request a face-to-face meeting whereby you provide an actual person in an actual bank your identification, signature, a copy of your last bank statement and (possibly) your old password).

Online, spotting a scam is relatively easy; poorly spelled words are a dead giveaway – if a multimillion dollar company such as a bank can’t get someone to proofread their emails, then there’s something definitely wrong with your bank. (Of course, this all falls down if you get an email from Donald Chump as he’s totally illiterate and likes to throw in a covfefe here and there just to keep you on your toes. Basically, just ignore anything from the presidunce of the U.S.)

Ridiculous claims – such as from your local tax office – stating you owe thousands of dollars in back-taxes and you should pay x amount of dollars into this account to avoid prosecution is just ridiculous. If you were to get an email such as this, flag it as spam, then – if you’re feeling really annoyed – forward the email to your local tax office and get them to hunt the scammers down. I had a mate who got one of these emails and he forwarded the email to me as he wasn’t too sure if he owed money or not. I looked over the email and within the first sentence there were 3 glaringly obvious mistakes; His name was spelt incorrectly, Australia was missing its “I” and his address was listed as a street, rather than a drive. When I pointed this out to him, he laughed and forwarded the scam to the A.T.O whereupon I hope they tracked this nincompoop down and inserted one of their largest computers into one of his smallest orifices.

The Nigerian Prince Scam

Gotta admit I was almost fooled by this once. True. Even the poorly spelt words, unintelligible sentence structure and use of my surname only as a reference didn’t dissuade me that this could be legit. What did set my radar off though was when they said my Mother was also entitled to a share! “Wait a sec,” I thought, “maybe they’re not on the level? Surely this Kingdom of Watsamaddafoyu would have enough resources to realise that my mother has been dead for the last four years and would probably not be interested in any such claims? Hmmmm.

I replied politely to this email, asking if there was anyone there who could converse in English, had an I.Q above 2 and wouldn’t mind providing me with an initial $50,000 so I could safely set up an account that the authorities in Australia couldn’t lay claim to the money I was entitled to…..

That was seven years ago, and I haven’t heard back from them as yet, but I live in hope…

The F.B.I, C.I.A, N.Y.P.D ETC ETC ETC Scam

This is a fun scam. Well, for me it was. I was bopping along on the web looking for a long-case clock (Grandfather clock for the non horologists) when I got a warning email from the F.B.I. I opened it up and found that the FBI had seized my computer as I had been on a site flagged by them and I had to answer some questions on a site which I had to conveniently had to go to, by simply clicking the link. Hmmm, should I or shouldn’t I?

Nah, screw ‘em. I live in Australia. If they want me, come and get me – free trip to the U.S!! I turned my laptop off, undid the battery, waited a few seconds and went back online. Not seized? Hmmm! Surely the fibbies would still be able to hold my computer for ransom? No? Oh. LOL!

If you’re just surfing the web and having a look at “Better ways to bake bread” or whatever and a pop-up happens to pop-up offering you a great deal on something that you never thought you wanted, then just ignore it. People have had their computers seized by hackers and have been forced to pay hundreds of dollars to get their computers unlocked by clicking on these links. The simplest way around this? Only surf the net on a laptop. If someone tries to seize your computer, simply turn it off, take out the battery, wait a few seconds and put the battery back in. Your computer is yours again and you can surf with ease.

If, however, you don’t have a laptop, then installing a decent browser will allow you to add to your browser Ad Blockers, Pop-Up blockers, Web Of Trust add-ons and a whole myriad of safeguards. I use Firefox and have never had a problem with people trying to get my data or had my computer seized by hackers. I then installed several ad and pop-up blockers which lets me surf safely.

As always, no matter what you’re doing, always be mindful of your surroundings. And remember : If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Take care out there and enjoy your surfing.

By Pete J

7 escorts reveal how much money they actually make


Have you ever wondered how much money you can make as an escort?
These girls reveal all- and some of their answers might surprise you!

How much money do escorts actually make?

I suppose the answer isn’t that straightforward. It depends where you are in the world, how
long you’ve been doing it, and how confident you are at charging what you know you are
Today we are sharing 7 different girls and how much each of them make working as escorts.
Some of their answers might surprise you!

Location: USA
How much money she makes as an escort: $400 for an hour (plus $50-$100 if they
want extras)
“I make about $400 a trick, and it is just my side hustle. I add $50-100 if a john wants to push
my boundaries, and in general, that means anal. I’m willing to do it but never without
additional incentive. I have never had unprotected sex with a client, and there isn’t a fee I’ve
met yet that would let me reconsider”

Location: USA
How much money she makes as an escort: $100
This is actually how much I’m making per hour as a Sugar Baby, not an escort. It’s not bad,
but it’s less than I was making as a masseuse. “You have to coddle somebody, and you
have to be available to them for hours and hours, and pretend like you’re interested in them,
but with escorting, you’re paying me to leave.

Location: London
How much money she makes as an escort: $600

The highest class escorts in London typically make £600 per hour, minus the agency fee.
However, most of these ladies tend to be worshiped by particular clients who will not only
pay the going rates, but also shower us with affection too. I still offer high class encounters
to various clients alongside my regular work, usually international.”

Location: Sydney, Australia
How much money she makes as an escort: $550
My rates are $550 for the first hour, $500 for the next and then $300 for each additional
hour. It’s been fun, but now, I have plans to quit in June when I move abroad to study for a
Masters degree.

Location: USA
How much money she makes as an escort: $10k+ in a month
When I stopped escorting I was making $30,000 per month, some months I’d make more if I
got a lump sum gift from a regular client, my highest ever I made $72,000 in one month. It
was my birthday month and I had several long time regular clients give me very generous
cash gifts.

Location: Auckland, New Zealand
How much money she makes as an escort: $120 an hour

“I spent about 30 minutes debating whether or not to do the job. I wasn’t sure if I could
handle a client like that just yet (“I’m a bit immature”) but there’s $120 to be made (the
agency charges $110 for the club fee, $120 for the “lady’s tip” which goes directly to me).”

Read more: Is this really the best country in the world to be an escort?

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
How much money she makes as an escort: $70 per session
She pays €100 ($140) a day to hire the small room and window she occupies down one of
the smaller side streets in Amsterdam’s De Wallen district, and she charges €50 ($70) for a
quick 20 minute session.

Did any of these numbers surprise you? Find out how much you could be making by checking out some of our top escorts!

Escort Marketing Tips

Adult Marketing Services

Recently I wrote and released my ‘Marketing your Escort Brand’ Manual, volume one. Part of a
series of training manuals I’m releasing as part of my business. So far we have sent that manual
to a multitude of escorts and other adult businesses on request with great feedback. One such
feedback was quote “I hope they’re listening” sadly even though most escorts have written back
that they love it etc probably very few are actually living by it, the others tell me they knew it
already, pretty straight forward stuff…but are doing about 25% of it.
I get it, it’s hard work running a business and make no mistake if you are an independent escort
then you ARE a business. You may just be happy with a couple of clients a month, as a side
income to your day job but if this is your bread & butter then you had better buckle up, put your
big girl panties on and take some notes. This is serious stuff in one of THE MOST
COMPETITIVE industries I know of so either you get serious or you just won’t make it.
Phew….now that we have got that out of the way and all of the not so serious contenders have
left, lets talk the turkey!
Firstly do you need a website????
Short answer: YES
Remember when backpage went down and everyone’s earnings dropped by around 80% (no
exaggeration) that’s why you need a website. If you do NOT want to be reliant on any one
website to get you traffic and business then you need to ‘grow’ your own. It’s called online
property this means you own it…it is yours to do with exactly as you choose and through this
property you will seriously get into the ‘market’
But why? You ask, I can just have pretty profiles on lovely escort directories like Cocos Secrets
or scarlet blue…why do I need a website?
Answer: Because through your site, you can grow, cultivate and market your business. You
have complete control. Yes you still need to advertise, we’ll come back to that but with your own
site, you can develop a database, you DON’T have to share traffic and you can literally grow
your business. If you do have a site you simply must add a review feature, reviews are crucial
and great for SEO!
What does this mean? It means you will need a good site, effective SEO because you need to
be found, great content inc pictures and videos AND of course Google analytics so that you
know where your traffic is coming from and where to focus your efforts!
Advertising & your website:
It is a big part of your industry, you need to advertise BUT it’s just the beginning you need to
have your website on your advertising so that your potential clients can get the full picture. This
is where your analytics come in so handy, here you can check which advertising platforms are yielding the best results, pour more money into them and stop wasting money on dead ends.

For instance, Cocos secrets hosts escort tours, escort forum, an escort lounge, and promotes
VIP escorts and ‘escort of the month’ these are all excellent extra features of your advertising
you should be capitalising on. Every single way you can get a new link on Cocos Secrets you
should be going for it and linking back to your site and every bit of extra exposure you can get
on the site that puts you up front & center you should be going for that too! That includes all
sites that you’re advertising with. Some sites allow you to submit guest blogs, showcase your
discounts & offers ….are you utilising these extra features? If not, than why not???
Reviews…you need reviews so if a site has a review feature be sure to ask your clients to leave
you reviews, the reviews and the clicks you receive on that site will help push your profile up in
the SERPS (search engine return pages) and of course get you more customers.

Combine all of your advertising and extra features those advertisers offer then put together a
content marketing calendar for your business…remind yourself, this month on the 25th I have
the escort of the month feature, on the 30th Im featuring in this guest blog etc then. Sounds like
a lot of work? Do you want results? With all these extra features you’re now doing, guess what
that’s great content for a newsletter! No one else is going to do it for you, as I said this is work
but it’s so fruitful, the money you can make in this industry is definitely worth it! You have those
dreams of travelling the world as a high class fly me to you escort or relocating to South East
Asia to live the dream, or of buying that dream home? Then do the work put in and you will get
out of it what you desire.

Social media
I recently wrote a blog post for sex bloggers on my own site. In that post I discussed social
media promotion. Did you know that IG (instagram) had over 1 billion users last year and is well
on its way to 2 billion. Insane on the membrane. So you need to be on it it. But you have to be
careful, you can’t be overly explicit, you can’t use the word ‘escort’ 50 million times in every post
or post lots of naked pictures….. IG is owned by facebook and they’re both uptight when it
comes to the adult industry. BTW don’t waste your time on facebook as a sexworker….So use
your common sense, market yourself in an interesting, classy way, capture your lifestyle…not
your naked fanny, that’s what works anyway. It doesn’t matter that your followers are made of
all types that aren’t necessarily potential clients, the bigger you get the more exposure you get
and the more you will be in front of potential clients without stepping on anyone’s guidelines.

Twitter: This is where you can actually get to the nitty gritty of being you BUT again be sure to
follow twitter guidelines or you will be ‘shadow banned’ so don’t post lots of nudes or follow
loads of porn accounts or over tweet, twitter sees this as spam and then effectively ‘silences’
you. It’s called being shadow banned and it can be very difficult to get out of. Remember all
social media is American, remember backpage, it was American… selling sex is illegal in the US
and everything connected with it is pretty much deemed ‘unsafe’ or ‘undesireable’ their rules
you just have to work within the parameters. It can be done and Twitter is a place where you
can promote your business and learn the guidelines from other sexworkers of how best to
manage your twitter account.

Social Media is so important and a great way to drive traffic back to your website so it’s crucial
for SEO and NOT drive traffic to your profiles on sexy directories where you are basically driving
traffic to all of your competition. Remember everything has its place but YOUR place is your

Sensis – Yellow pages:
Yes Sensis is still alive & well and quite frankly a great way to generate traffic. If you have a
website already and you want to promote it, then definitely add a free or paid ad on sensis
Yellow Pages. Why you ask? Simply because when it comes to advertising, people will click on
what they trust and everybody knows and trusts the yellow pages. They provide fantastic
statistics so you can see how your advertising is doing with paid ads and it isn’t that exe to pay
to be top of the list for your area. It’s just one platform but it’s a great one for SEO as it is
primarily location based. If you do a paid ad let me know I have a great account manager there
and I’ve trained him to work with the adult industry clients, it’s not what you know!
What the hell is SEO?
SEO or search engine optimisation is basically how you get found or how your website gets
found. It’s non paid advertising, paid advertising via google is called SEM or search engine
marketing. The better your SEO the better your rankings will be in google or your ‘serps’ search
engine return pages. So one of the ways we do this is by being on as many adult friendly
business directories as possible. I will be doing an up and coming list on my blog of all the adult
friendly directories we use and how best to utilise them. Of course this includes escort
directories BUT when it comes to paid advertising remember if you have your own site, get
google analytics it will keep your costs low and allow you to data mine what works and what
doesn’t. Social Media as we have already covered off is also crucial for SEO. The one thing we
haven’t covered but will next is a blog. It is the best for SEO as it is fresh original content added
to your site on a regular basis. Basically google rewards content, good engaging fresh content.
So a blog is a must for SEO. Also remember a good website is BUILT with SEO in mind. Good
content with keywords and good seo practises in the backend.
Next we are going to talk about your blog, how to get started, what to write, how to include
keywords and create engaging awesome content!
Don’t forget to check my profile under Marketing Agencies for your coded discount offer
available only to escorts on Cocos Secrets.
This blog post was written by Lillian Thoms
Founder of Adult Digital Publisher

11 cringeworthy clients all escorts can relate to

11 of the funniest escort client messages on the internet this week
Don’t lie- we’ve all been there.
Everyone has those clients.

The Low Baller. The Whiner. The One who is going to Change Your Life. The one who insults you then gets angry when you don’t reply. Escorts have to deal with this crap pretty much every day.

But they all have one thing in common: we can all laugh and cringe at them together.

We hope you are ready for a giggle with these 11 funny escort client messages!
Escort Client #1 : The Big TalkerYou know the one. The one that is going to give you such a good time that you should be paying THEM. Not quite as annoying as people asking for freebies, but just as funny to watch.
Escort Client #2 : The Low Baller No list of cringe-worthy clients would be complete without the Low Baller. Bonus points if they are like this optimistic lad! The price is the price, and it is still amazing how many people pretend they don’t know that.
Escort Client #3 : The Bargain Hunter No, they don’t want to pay you. They just want the pleasure of your company. Fortunately, there are plenty of other clients that know the value of your company. Move along, son.
Escort Client #4 : The Downright Creepy Obviously we don’t kink shame in 2019. Everyone has their thing,and a  Client-Provider relationships is a safe space But there is a line where it is juuuuust a little bit off.
Source: Reddit
Escort Client #5 : The Repeater It is genuinely amazing when people don’t get the message. Yes of course, why wouldn’t I message you back at 4 in the morning when I have no idea who you are? I’ll be right over.
Source: Imgur
Escort Client #6 : The Defensive One UGH. Cringe. Who hasn’t had this. They message YOU, then get angry and rude at YOU for doing your job. We don’t like to make assumptions, but we figure they are probably compensating for some mixed feelings and a bad case of entitlement.
Source: Reddit
Escort Client #7 : The.. Wait what? Some people are just plain confusing. Take this one for example. They are trying SO hard, bless them. Sometimes you just have to say goodnight and try again tomorrow.
Source: Reddit
Escort Client #8 : The one who is better than all the others Not everyone is trying to get some for free. Not everyone wants to do you wrong. But you have heard just about every excuse in the book by now. You either want to get together or you don’t.
Source: Imgur
Escort Client #9 : The Screening Nightmare I’m sorry, but what makes ANYONE think that they can bypass the screening process? Nice try buddy, but we don’t follow the rules because we think they’re fun. Screen or get out of here.
Source: Reddit
Escort Client #10 : The Sexter Oh sure, yeah, of COURSE I will send you pictures for free. That is a great way to stay in business. *Blocks number*
Source: Reddit
Escort Client #11 : The Star Struck Lover Aw, bless. This client is a close cousin of the Bargain Hunter and the Big Talker. It would a massive compliment if it wasn’t such an insult. You know you are worth dating, you have clients that tell you all the time. But you also know that you are here to make bank.
Source: Imgur
Sick of subpar clients like these ones? Of course you are! Coco’s Secrets is a premier escort advertising site that helps you get clients from almost every major city in the world. We can’t promise that you won’t get the occasional weird requests like these ones, but you WILL be advertising alongside some of the best in the business. Register to advertise here!

Immigration New Zealand said WHAT about escorts??

Last year, Immigration New Zealand announced that escorts and sex workers would be counted under “skilled employment” checklists. This means that it can be used to apply for visas.
Then, within weeks, they announced that foreign nationals could no longer apply for points as an escort.

Wait, what??

Within the space of a month, they went to skilled employment and back again. So where does that leave us on the escort skill shortage front?
Why did Immigration NZ change their mind about escorts?
Basically, if you apply for a visa in New Zealand, you can apply for “points” under certain skill sets. Until Immigraiton NZ changed their minds, people could get skill points as escorts and sex workers.

Essentially, it was on the standard list of occupations for Australia and New Zealand and they forgot to take it off. Woops!

Even though this kind of seems sketchy, there are a few reasons why this happened. Mostly it was to do with confusing visa criteria.

Immigration NZ also issued a statement about migrant exploitation. They explain that it is far more likely employers to take advantage of migrant workers on temporary work visas than people who currently reside in the country. This article on the Imigration NZ website explains it in a lot more detail.

Even though it might seem like they are trying to dupe foreign nationals, the laws are usually amended to protect the most amount of people possible.

Read More: How to look out for scams
So, ARE sex workers on the skilled employment list in New Zealand?
The short answer is no. Escorts are also not on the Skill Shortage list that Immigration New Zealand puts out every year.

So, does that mean that it doesn’t count as work in New Zealand? I guess it depends on 1) who you ask and 2) where you come from.

In actual fact, New Zealand is one of the best places in the world to be an escort or sex worker. The government has constructed a lot of laws to protect people working in the industry.

However, it is still illegal for non-residents and non-citizens to work in New Zealand without the correct visa.

In short, people who have the legal right to work in New Zealand count as skilled employees. But this still doesn’t mean that people applying for visas can use it to apply for skilled employment points.

Top 7 best cities in the world to be an escort (in no particular order)


The best cities around the world to be an escort

Escort. Companion. Hooker. Courtesan. No matter what you call it, you can find escorts in literally every country in the world.
But where is the best place to BE an escort?

Most people know that there are hot spots for sex tourism and making a living. However, not many people talk about the best place to become an escort. It’s not all red light districts and seedy clubs!

We are going through the best cities in the world to be an escort (in no particular order!).
Best city to be an escort #1 Atlanta,  USA
Atlanta, USA has one of the highest sex work incomes in the whole country.
Escorts and prosititution is still not legal in the US, but there is something about Atlanta that makes clients want to spend. The nightlife ain’t half bad either, so it definitely deserves a place on this list!
Best city to be an escort #2: Auckland New Zealand
New Zealand is often considered one of the best countries in the world to be a sex worker.
Although Wellington is the capital, Auckland is the biggest city in New Zealand. Escorts work throughout the country, but Auckland is a hub for potential clients (both domestic and international).

New Zealand is notorious for liberal laws that protect people in the industry. You can find just about anybody in Auckland, so you will never be bored!

Read more on the blog: Tips for being a better escort
Best city to be an escort #3 Washington USA
Even if it feels like the Whitehouse lacks common sense right now, there are two things that Washington DC doesn’t lack: Money and Men.
This is pretty much the perfect combination for escorts. Washington DC is a goldmine for escorts who specialize in the girlfriend experience, and there is room for everyone! This VICE blog post explains that Washington is pretty much driving the GFE in America.
Washington’s industry favours private meetings over gaudy clubs, so it is also suited to escorts who want to advertise as high end workers.
Best city to be an escort #4 Toronto, Canada
Canada is now on the list of countries where escorts and massage parlours are completely legal.
Escorts here are classy, fun, and get to take advantage of progressive bylaws (did you know that clients are legally required to shower in massage parlours??).
Best city to be an escort #5 Sydney
Big cities almost always mean better opportunities, and Australia is no different. Sydney is exploding with people from every walk of life, and its many clubs cater to just about every fantasy.
Like New Zealand, Australia has some incredibly progressive laws that protect people in the industry. The state of New South Wales is leading the charge!

A great way to stand out as an escort is to find a particular audience. Sydney is a great place to find clients who are looking for something a little different. You can read more about Sydney on the Red Light Australia Blog here.
Best city to be an escort #6: Amsterdam
No list of best places to be an escort would be complete without Amsterdam! The red light district of De Wallen is well regulated for sex workers.
Although De Wallen is the most famous district in The Netherlands, it is probably not your best bet for escorts. This red light district is a little bit rose-tinted!

To make the most out of this vibrant city, you have to look slightly further afield. There are plenty of people looking for a good time, and not all of them want to walk up and window shop.
Best city to be an escort #7 Berlin, Germany
Although Amsterdam is known for its infamous Red Light district, Germany is a strong competitor. Berlin is the capital, and it is overflowing with escorts (and people who are keen to pay for them!)
Sex work and escorts are completely legal in Germany, and laws are well constructed to protect people working in the industry. It is definitely less of a “tourist attraction” and more of a legitimate profession in comparison to Amsterdam.

No matter where you are, advertising with Coco’s Secrets means that you get seen by clients all over the world! Our premier listings are the best place to be an escort on the internet-  start getting clients today!

Is this REALLY the best country in the world to be an escort?

The short answer to this question? Yes, New Zealand is one of the best countries in the world to be an escort (or any kind of sex worker). But why?
Let’s take a closer look.
Is it legal to be an escort in New Zealand?
It is absolutely legal to be an escort in New Zealand.

In fact, New Zealand has some of the most liberal laws in the world. The government decriminalized prostitution back in 2003 in order to protect workers’ rights.

The law primarily aimed to improve health and safety conditions for workers. With more liberal guidelines in place, people felt more empowered to come forward if anything went wrong with clients or agencies.
Why is New Zealand so much better for escorts?
So why do New Zealand escort laws make it a model for other countries?

Protection was the main goal for changing the laws back in the early 2000’s. Many lobbyists wanted the same rights for sex workers and escorts as other jobs. They argued that this would drastically improve working conditions.

Basically, if workers knew that they wouldn’t be charged with anything when they were reporting incidents, then they would feel safer.

As well as this, it means that escorts and sex workers can demand better working conditions. Although the industry itself is decriminalized, it is still very much illegal for agencies to take advantage of workers and their income.
In general, New Zealand is known for having a relatively forward-thinking society. It was the first country to let women vote, it was the 13th country in the world to legalize gay marriage, and ranks highly on many progressive factors such as press freedom, LGBT rights and political corruption.

It was this history of forward thinking that started the change for New Zealand escort laws in the first place! This spirit of making your own life choices still resonates within Kiwi society.

As well as liberal laws, New Zealand has huge amounts of people coming and going every year.

International travel is often accompanied by people who are looking to spend money and have a good time. This means that there are a lot of exciting opportunities for escorts who are willing to go out and get them! Our New Zealand based escorts know what’s up.
But, is it REALLY the best country in the world for escorts to work?
Don’t get me wrong: New Zealand still has some work to do. Every country in the world needs to assess how they keep people in the industry safe.

As well as this, New Zealand’s laws are only liberal for the people that have the right to live and work there. It is treated like any other industry, so you still need to have a work visa for the rules to apply!

But even though it could be better, New Zealand is still considered one of the best countries in the world to be an escort.

5 great places to eat in Geelong


Geelong is a great place to live. It’s seaside views and lovely old Victorian buildings are amazing and as an extra bonus it has some of the best restaurants. There are so many amazing restaurants I could write about them for hours but I have to pick 5 so here it is, my favorite 5 restaurants.   

Town and Country

Located at Waurn Ponds Shopping Centre, town and country is my go to restaurant for a family get together. They have a great menu with plenty of options for all to enjoy but be warned there food portions are massive, so if you go make sure you are very hungry. 😉 Not to worry if you can’t finish your dinner they are happy to make you a doggy bag.

Boss Burger Co

Located at Waurn Ponds Shopping Centre and there’s one at 206 Pakington St, Geelong West they both rock. There burgers are amazing  and I can’t stop eating there cheesy fries. You can eat in or get take away it doesn’t matter there food will make you drool.

Hi Sushi

There are 3 Hi Sushi restaurants in Geelong, Westfield shopping centre, Market square shopping center and Waurn Ponds Shopping Centre. I have only tried 2 waurn ponds and Market square and I keep going back for more. You don’t have to like sushi to enjoy there lovely food, they have a lot of other options I love there bento boxes.

Popeye’s Fish & Chippery

156 Torquay Road, Grovedale, there are so many grate fish & chip restaurants in Geelong  but my personal favourite is Popeye’s. There food is the best and they never let me down it always tastes good.

The Big Pan Pizza

162 Francis Street, Belmont, no one can make a BBQ chicken pizza better than them. Do I really need to say more………………….ok then I am yet to find a pizza shop better in Geelong hell I haven’t found a better pizza anywhere.

That’s my favourite 5 I hope you like them.

By Cai W

A few tips to help you become a better escort


Everyone has their own method on how they do things but sharing can help others, there is not a wrong way or a right way, but let me share a few methods I implement in my business as an escort.

  1. First contact

This is very important, it can get you a booking or you may not get booked at all. Remember clients are humans just like me and you and if you treat someone right they will like you more.

Anyone with a great bubbly attitude and a good sense of humor always shines through and will always seal the deal. Remember to always be positive and attentive a client loves it when you listen to him and sound interested, remember you might be the twentieth escort he has called and all those other escorts were grumpy and negative if you have that happy go lucky attitude he is definitely going to book you honey!!!!! Yaaay


2. Hygiene

This is for escorts and clients please consider each other and be respectful with your body and workplace. I always have clean linen and a tidy place for my clients this is really important and the clients will appreciate this and be very greatful. Always shower after every client and change your linen.

For clients if you have a chance to shower before please do so or if there is a shower provided please use before you enjoy your escort and don’t forget to wash all the main parts of your body armpits, genital and anal area, from my experience people miss these places and it’s very uncomfortable for the escort so please be considerate.

Escorts remember to provide tissues, wet wipes, clean towels and mouthwash is always a good one.  We all want to have a good time but let’s be clean while we do it.xx



Talking too much is better than not talking at all.  I find if I communicate with my client the whole time we both feel more comfortable and at ease it can be awkward when first meeting so try to make it as easy as possible and will benefit both of you. By doing this you can find out what your client likes and doesn’t like and see what really turns him/her on.

  1. The look

Always make sure you look great your showered, you have lingerie on, your hair and makeup done and heels of course. If your client wanted someone in trackies they would stay at home, remember your client desires a fantasy and a companion for however long he has booked you make his wildest dreams come true and do your best if not more to make that happen and he/will be back for more


  1. End of booking

So time’s up but ladies and gentlemen doesn’t mean you switch off and rush them out as fast as you can. I like to lay back for a few minutes and have a chat and allow him/her to enjoy resting after that intense mind blowing session no one wants to orgasm and be kicked out straight away. Let them lie back have a breather and to appreciate what you have done for them. xxx


So hope you have enjoyed some of my basic tips and they can help you out and always make sure you do the best you can do and you will be fine.

Remember a happy worker is a good worker

Love Grace Grace xxx

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