A few tips to help you become a better escort

Everyone has their own method on how they do things but sharing can help others, there is not a wrong way or a right way, but let me share a few methods I implement in my business as an escort.

  1. First contact

This is very important, it can get you a booking or you may not get booked at all. Remember clients are humans just like me and you and if you treat someone right they will like you more.

Anyone with a great bubbly attitude and a good sense of humor always shines through and will always seal the deal. Remember to always be positive and attentive a client loves it when you listen to him and sound interested, remember you might be the twentieth escort he has called and all those other escorts were grumpy and negative if you have that happy go lucky attitude he is definitely going to book you honey!!!!! Yaaay


2. Hygiene

This is for escorts and clients please consider each other and be respectful with your body and workplace. I always have clean linen and a tidy place for my clients this is really important and the clients will appreciate this and be very greatful. Always shower after every client and change your linen.

For clients if you have a chance to shower before please do so or if there is a shower provided please use before you enjoy your escort and don’t forget to wash all the main parts of your body armpits, genital and anal area, from my experience people miss these places and it’s very uncomfortable for the escort so please be considerate.

Escorts remember to provide tissues, wet wipes, clean towels and mouthwash is always a good one.  We all want to have a good time but let’s be clean while we do it.xx



Talking too much is better than not talking at all.  I find if I communicate with my client the whole time we both feel more comfortable and at ease it can be awkward when first meeting so try to make it as easy as possible and will benefit both of you. By doing this you can find out what your client likes and doesn’t like and see what really turns him/her on.

  1. The look

Always make sure you look great your showered, you have lingerie on, your hair and makeup done and heels of course. If your client wanted someone in trackies they would stay at home, remember your client desires a fantasy and a companion for however long he has booked you make his wildest dreams come true and do your best if not more to make that happen and he/will be back for more


  1. End of booking

So time’s up but ladies and gentlemen doesn’t mean you switch off and rush them out as fast as you can. I like to lay back for a few minutes and have a chat and allow him/her to enjoy resting after that intense mind blowing session no one wants to orgasm and be kicked out straight away. Let them lie back have a breather and to appreciate what you have done for them. xxx


So hope you have enjoyed some of my basic tips and they can help you out and always make sure you do the best you can do and you will be fine.

Remember a happy worker is a good worker

Love Grace Grace xxx

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