7 escorts reveal how much money they actually make

Have you ever wondered how much money you can make as an escort?
These girls reveal all- and some of their answers might surprise you!

How much money do escorts actually make?

I suppose the answer isn’t that straightforward. It depends where you are in the world, how
long you’ve been doing it, and how confident you are at charging what you know you are
Today we are sharing 7 different girls and how much each of them make working as escorts.
Some of their answers might surprise you!

Location: USA
How much money she makes as an escort: $400 for an hour (plus $50-$100 if they
want extras)
“I make about $400 a trick, and it is just my side hustle. I add $50-100 if a john wants to push
my boundaries, and in general, that means anal. I’m willing to do it but never without
additional incentive. I have never had unprotected sex with a client, and there isn’t a fee I’ve
met yet that would let me reconsider”

Location: USA
How much money she makes as an escort: $100
This is actually how much I’m making per hour as a Sugar Baby, not an escort. It’s not bad,
but it’s less than I was making as a masseuse. “You have to coddle somebody, and you
have to be available to them for hours and hours, and pretend like you’re interested in them,
but with escorting, you’re paying me to leave.

Location: London
How much money she makes as an escort: $600

The highest class escorts in London typically make £600 per hour, minus the agency fee.
However, most of these ladies tend to be worshiped by particular clients who will not only
pay the going rates, but also shower us with affection too. I still offer high class encounters
to various clients alongside my regular work, usually international.”

Location: Sydney, Australia
How much money she makes as an escort: $550
My rates are $550 for the first hour, $500 for the next and then $300 for each additional
hour. It’s been fun, but now, I have plans to quit in June when I move abroad to study for a
Masters degree.

Location: USA
How much money she makes as an escort: $10k+ in a month
When I stopped escorting I was making $30,000 per month, some months I’d make more if I
got a lump sum gift from a regular client, my highest ever I made $72,000 in one month. It
was my birthday month and I had several long time regular clients give me very generous
cash gifts.

Location: Auckland, New Zealand
How much money she makes as an escort: $120 an hour

“I spent about 30 minutes debating whether or not to do the job. I wasn’t sure if I could
handle a client like that just yet (“I’m a bit immature”) but there’s $120 to be made (the
agency charges $110 for the club fee, $120 for the “lady’s tip” which goes directly to me).”

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Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
How much money she makes as an escort: $70 per session
She pays €100 ($140) a day to hire the small room and window she occupies down one of
the smaller side streets in Amsterdam’s De Wallen district, and she charges €50 ($70) for a
quick 20 minute session.

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