11 cringeworthy clients all escorts can relate to

11 of the funniest escort client messages on the internet this week
Don’t lie- we’ve all been there.
Everyone has those clients.

The Low Baller. The Whiner. The One who is going to Change Your Life. The one who insults you then gets angry when you don’t reply. Escorts have to deal with this crap pretty much every day.

But they all have one thing in common: we can all laugh and cringe at them together.

We hope you are ready for a giggle with these 11 funny escort client messages!
Escort Client #1 : The Big TalkerYou know the one. The one that is going to give you such a good time that you should be paying THEM. Not quite as annoying as people asking for freebies, but just as funny to watch.
Escort Client #2 : The Low Baller No list of cringe-worthy clients would be complete without the Low Baller. Bonus points if they are like this optimistic lad! The price is the price, and it is still amazing how many people pretend they don’t know that.
Escort Client #3 : The Bargain Hunter No, they don’t want to pay you. They just want the pleasure of your company. Fortunately, there are plenty of other clients that know the value of your company. Move along, son.
Source: Metro.co.uk
Escort Client #4 : The Downright Creepy Obviously we don’t kink shame in 2019. Everyone has their thing,and a  Client-Provider relationships is a safe space But there is a line where it is juuuuust a little bit off.
Source: Reddit
Escort Client #5 : The Repeater It is genuinely amazing when people don’t get the message. Yes of course, why wouldn’t I message you back at 4 in the morning when I have no idea who you are? I’ll be right over.
Source: Imgur
Escort Client #6 : The Defensive One UGH. Cringe. Who hasn’t had this. They message YOU, then get angry and rude at YOU for doing your job. We don’t like to make assumptions, but we figure they are probably compensating for some mixed feelings and a bad case of entitlement.
Source: Reddit
Escort Client #7 : The.. Wait what? Some people are just plain confusing. Take this one for example. They are trying SO hard, bless them. Sometimes you just have to say goodnight and try again tomorrow.
Source: Reddit
Escort Client #8 : The one who is better than all the others Not everyone is trying to get some for free. Not everyone wants to do you wrong. But you have heard just about every excuse in the book by now. You either want to get together or you don’t.
Source: Imgur
Escort Client #9 : The Screening Nightmare I’m sorry, but what makes ANYONE think that they can bypass the screening process? Nice try buddy, but we don’t follow the rules because we think they’re fun. Screen or get out of here.
Source: Reddit
Escort Client #10 : The Sexter Oh sure, yeah, of COURSE I will send you pictures for free. That is a great way to stay in business. *Blocks number*
Source: Reddit
Escort Client #11 : The Star Struck Lover Aw, bless. This client is a close cousin of the Bargain Hunter and the Big Talker. It would a massive compliment if it wasn’t such an insult. You know you are worth dating, you have clients that tell you all the time. But you also know that you are here to make bank.
Source: Imgur
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